Reports from the Field – Articles

“A Year of Backlash and Resistance, 2018” (Newsletter)

“Remembering Alexsandr Askoldov “– Eat Drink Films, 2018

“The Ambassador and the Uzi”, Tikkun Magazine, October 2014

“Her Books” by Deborah Kaufman, Tikkun Magazine, Spring 2013

“The Liberal Picture Show” Tikkun Magazine

“The Movie or the Movement”  Release Print July/August 2006

“Labor Filmmakers UNITE!” Release Print January 2002

“Oasis in a Troubled Land: The First Palestinian-Israeli Human Rights Film Festival” Release Print April 2000

Between Two Worlds op-eds and articles

Tikkun: “An American Jewish Identity Crisis” July 2012

Tikkun: “The Jewish Community’s Drift Toward the Right” July 2012

JWeekly: “Intense Response to Documentary on Culture Wars” March 29, 2012

Forward: “A Chill in San Francisco” April 2010

SFGate: “Filmmakers, festival face efforts to censor subjects” August 2009

Thirst op eds

“Heart of Dryness” – San Francisco Chronicle, 2009

USA Today: “Taking Back our Water” Aug 21, 2007

SFGate: “Lessons of Stockton’s Water War” Aug 5, 2007

SFGate: “Market Forces Seek to Control the Essence of Life – Water” Mar 20, 2006

Nieman Reports: “Engaging Viewers in Conflicts About Water” Spring, 2005