“Blacks and Jews”

1997, 85 minutes, Co-Produced with Bari Scott

An 85 minute feature length documentary film – made collaboratively by Jewish and Black filmmakers – examining key contemporary conflicts between the Black and Jewish communities. An invaluable tool for increasing mutual understanding and building coalitions for social justice, not just between Blacks and Jews, but among all groups.

“Provocative and absorbing…’Blacks and Jews’ will undermine stereotypes, inspire discussion and help repair a wrongly damaged relationship.” Roger Ebert

“This 85 minute film will ignite you!” Mandy Patinkin

New York Times feature story: http://www.nytimes.com/1997/07/20/arts/two-tales-of-once-great-expectations.html

Sundance Film Festival, 1997
PBS “P.O.V”, 1997
On the web at Fandor: https://fandor.com/films/blacks_and_jews

To preview or purchase the film – www.newsreel.org/films/blacks.htm
Institutional, community group, and home video rates available. With companion study guide: