Between Two Worlds op eds and articles by Deborah and Alan

Tikkun: “An American Jewish Identity Crisis” July 2012

Tikkun: “The Jewish Community’s Drift Toward the Right” July 2012

JWeekly: “Intense Response to Documentary on Culture Wars” March 29, 2012

Forward: “A Chill in San Francisco” April 2010

SFGate: “Filmmakers, festival face efforts to censor subjects” August 2009

Thirst op eds by Deborah and Alan

USA Today: “Taking Back our Water” Aug 21, 2007

SFGate: “Lessons of Stockton’s Water War” Aug 5, 2007

SFGate: “Market Forces Seek to Control the Essence of Life – Water” Mar 20, 2006

Nieman Reports: “Engaging Viewers in Conflicts About Water” Spring, 2005